Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recent Life Drawing

Let me talk about my thought of recent life drawings. What is the
perpose of life drawing ? This answer depend on an artist. Increase
drawing skill, Visual Development, learning about human anatomy,
etc. For me, life drawing is the practice to capture people's features,
and to capture flows in certain poses.

Before I came to CalArts I was learning Life drawing as "Designer"
which require more accurate observation. I was just following the
line which I see and make it as accurate as possible. Of coarse,
this is important for animator. But the approach as designer tend
to lose appeal in drawings because of luck of exaggeration.

Recently, when I am doing life drawing, I try to exaggerate model's
silhouette at first, then challenge to recreate new shape and depth
in the silhouette. For me, it was hard to capture the silhouette at
first, because my eyes was rather good at capture depth from motifs.

I know there is still a lot of things which I still need to improve.
But I feel fun to explore what the next step is.