Sunday, May 15, 2011

Learning Perspective for animation !

These drawing are from assignments at BFA1 Perspective
class in CalArts. Actually, I already had basic knowledge
about perspective because I learned it at Japanese art
college. But There were some difference between the
perspective for product design and the perspective for
Character Animation.

The perspective for product design require more accurate
calculation because some time it is used for blueprint to
construct real product. For example, interior deign, vehicles,
and most hugest thing is architecture.

Character Animation wise, the Background in a film should
look more believable, natural, dramatic, and character base
approach. Some time following perspective rule too strictly
give us really awful result. Then we need to break the rule
and adjust the looking of the images. I said character base
approach. This mean that we draw a character from ideal
angle at first, then we add background drawing later. This
mean we have to figure out eye level and vanish point
according to the characters.

Even I do computer graphic animation, these knowledge are super useful,
because sometimes I need to do mad painting instead of making everything
in 3DCG. And Im sure I will use these technic for my next film !