Friday, October 18, 2013

What is essence of your artwork?

Recently we see a lot of designed products, such as advertisement, furnitures, architectures, film, and so on. While millions of designers are contributing to the artist industry, I want to introduce Japanese art director whose name is Kashiwa Sato. His occupation is not only graphic designer, but also architectural designer, interior designer, and art director for several type of projects. The reason why I want to introduce him is because he has really important mind set which could be really important for all artists.

Logo design for UNIQLO designed by Kashiwa Sato
UNIQLO is Japanese cloth shop which has their brunch around the world.

Inside of UNIQLO designed by Kashiwa Sato

Japanese Cell Phone called Docomo N703ID
designed by Kashiwa Sato

Kashiwa is professional of "Arrangement", and the skill makes him able to design huge range of artworks. In the book called "Ultimate Method For Reaching The Essentials", he explains that he spend a lot of time to figure out what is core of the artworks he is going to design. He first tries to make his clients'  to throw out there thoughts, and throw away meaningless idea from there thoughts, By doing this process Kashiwa can find most essential part of what his clients want to express. After long counseling with his clients, finally he goes back to his studio, and start to figure out what kind of design fits to what he find out in the counseling. 

We can see Kashiwa's artist mind set in his online portfolio too.
Link to his online portfolio :
In his online portfolio, he is expressing his past design works only with color palettes which is most essential part of his design works. By clicking the color palettes we can see his actual art works. 

I always respect his artist mind set because his idea of get into essence is also important for making film. Whenever I write scripts for story, I always try to figure out what is the core (theme) of the story. When I work for storyboard, it is important to understand what is intention of the lines from scripts. When I start to animate my characters, I have to know why the layouts and the acting which suggested in the storyboard is necessary. 

Every art works should have specific statements and purpose. If we don’t know what we want to express, we cannot make strong art works. The reason why Kashiwa Sato is successful obviously because he is the artist who understand and value the idea .