Monday, September 3, 2012

Observing small monsters (Kids)

During summer vacation, I drew tons of kids for my next film. I set up the playground around my house as turning point of morning running, and observed kids everyday. At same time I gathered a lot of kids' reference from youtube because I can quickly find unique moments which only parents can find.  
Some point I realized and learned about Kids. They are basically moved by what they find interesting. At first their eye capture something looks atractive. Second, there head are pulled by something cool. And third, there body follow there head. What was funny is that Kids forget to move there hands until certain moment. For example, a Kid is playing with his toy. And when he find another one, eventhough he is watching another toy, his hands are still playing with old toy.      

The way kids moves their body is more dinamic than adalt. Because there body are very small, and objects sarrounding them are big, they need to use whole body to use the objects.