Friday, November 18, 2011

Dialog tests ! Dialog test ! Dialog test !

These are the animation tests I did at animation class.
During I was working for them, my work flow of cg animation
changed. My previous style was more oriented toward efficiency
such as the thing for TV program production.
This time I tried to be more careful about timing and spacing
like traditional animating style. This new work flow gave me
more freedom to create nice over lapping of spines, wrist, fingers
and also face.

Acting wise, This time, I learned mostly about "progression" in
dialog animation. How the emotion effected the way the character
move. It sound really silly and natural thing but we tend to forget
because of the naturalness. If the character is in good mood, the
character move farward and more quikly, if not the character
move backward and more slowly.
It's sound natural but SUPER important. I memorize it by heart.

Dialog test "How hot, wet do you like it ?"

Dialog test "I like what I see !"

Jumping animation test (with little bit of the acting)