Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some Thought about "Exaggeration"

To make outstanding animation, "Exaggeration"
is important. Then What is "Exaggeration"
actually ? Maybe this topic held a lot of devate
before for along time. But I still didnt meet clear
difinition. So again, what is "Exaggeration" actually ?
My concludion is so far is to make what you wanna
comunicate stronger. And we can do it in acting,
phisical things, and also in movie direction.

At first what is exaggerated acting ? I think it is
actually to make character's perpose in caertain
scene really simple. This is great example of
exaggerated acting :)

Sword in the stone - squirrels

Watch the female squirrel. She is really, strongly,
sickly, highly, almost one dementionally crazy
about the male squirrel(actually human).
This simplfied expression make audiece easy to
feel will(life) of the character.

Then maybe someone start to say "It is too shallow
and simple. not like real human". OK, What is deep
acting? I think it is the conflict between character's
strong main will (perpose) and other important will
which is little bit less important than main will (if not,
the story structure gonna collapes). For examaple
the second will is instinctive desire like sex, apetite,
, looseness, or character's context or just phisical
stuff like losing phisical energy.

Next, phisical exaggeration. I think most of them
tend to think it is the point for exaggeration. Of
coarse it is. Squash and Stretch, expression of weight,
and contrast of motion(fast and slow). This time let
me mention only contrast of motion because it also
relate to expression of weight. Below is good example.

How Ollie Johnston Animates a scene

even in continuas motion, still there is slowed motion
around key poses. What this is doing is emphasizing
the key poses. If we dont so this this animation going
to be hard to tell what is happening. I found this
point when I saw Michel Jakson and other amature
dancer. Michel's dance have a lot of slow moment to
show certain cool poses. On the other hand amature
dancer's one is just moving continuously and hard to
remember what happened isn't ?

The last, Direction Wise....
Up and long shot, shaking camera, effects
that kind of thing.

Evangelion :破