Friday, April 1, 2011

Disney Inspire Days

Today I participated in the event called "Disney Inspire Day"

and visited Disney Animation Studio in Burbank.

Basically what we did is having a tour inside of Disney

studio and look through production process of Disney

feature films. The most memorable part is actually

the room which is used by internship trainies for me.

I heard that trainies are assigned mentors and they

work for their short film as a group. This makes me

really happy because group work is kind of rare for

college students and it is really good opportunity to

learn the sense of membership. I dont know all of

internship programs offered by several studio, but

I felt Disney will difinetely provide us with really good

chance to grow up as professional artist.

In the end of this event, we could listen a lecture

offered by GLEN KEANE who actually made me

move to American feature animation world.

We saw him drawing some characters,

and told us little bit about production of "Tangled".

I'm working for my final film of BFA1 recently

and "Disney Inspire Day" gave me a lot of energy

to push my film. Thank you.